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Hate exercise? You’re in luck.

When you’re trying to trim down your waistline, it can be so hard to cut through the clutter of all the advice you get.

Cut fat! Count calories! Eat grapefruit! Exercise like crazy!

It’s enough to drive you nuts… except those killjoys will tell you to stay away from nuts because they have too much fat and too many calories.

What’s the point of losing weight if you end up hating life in the process?

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to torture yourself with exercise or gnaw on apple slices and celery sticks — and the latest research proves it.

A new study proves just what you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose: Intensive exercise is all pain…and no gain!

Folks who sweat and slave in the gym don’t burn off any more calories than folks who just engage in simple moderate activity like a daily stroll, a bike ride, or an active hobby like gardening or dancing.

And another new study claims, on the surface, that gobbling fruit all day will help you lose weight. But once you get down to the core, that extra weight loss is just two or three ounces over four years!

The study finds that boosting your intake of the anthocyanins found in fruits such as blueberries will lead to even more weight loss, but it’s still nothing worth writing home about. In fact, eating blueberries every single day might help you lose about 2.5 pounds over 4 years.

That’s an average “weight loss” of just 10 ounces a year.

Yes, my friend, fruit is overrated. Eat the stuff if you like it — but don’t force it down your throat in hopes of losing weight.

The only thing you really need for weight loss is a back-to-basics eating plain. Ditch the processed foods, the carbs, and the sugar.

Eat all the fresh animal fats you want…make sure you occasionally get up off your keister a few times throughout the day….and the pounds will melt off almost like magic.

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