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The diet that’s really a death wish

You know that when you’re running around and need to grab a quick bite somewhere, you should stay away from the fast food chains.

But now, they’re doing everything in their power to try to lure you into the Drive-Thru, with promises of “healthier choices.”

Chick-fil-A has even included a message on their take-out that say their chicken nuggets could be part of a healthy diet, if you eat their 8-count pack every three to four hours.

Of course, taking advice from a fast food bag is like taking advice from a fortune cookie!

Sure, these “nuggets” aren’t breaded and fried, but they’re coated in a “spice blend” that includes yeast extract — a hidden source of MSG.

MSG is an additive that tricks your brain into thinking your food tastes better than it really does — and although the FDA considers it “generally recognized as safe,” it can make so-so foods seem so good, they’re literally addictive.

And it can do some real damage, too — triggering everything from migraines to mental illness, especially if you’re already sensitive to this stuff.

Sure, those ugly little nuggets might be the healthiest thing on the darned menu. And they’re absolutely better than anything a certain clown is sellin. But they also contain high levels of sodium and soybean oil, a plant form of estrogen — something you fellas will want to stay away from.

And of course most folks don’t just order one serving of nuggets. They get waffle fries, a soft drink, and a dipping sauce — all of which are loaded with empty carbs that can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar. And those are all about as processed as processed foods can get.

So forget anything you might read on a Chick-fil-A bag (obviously). The correct amount of fast food is none.

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