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Hidden dangers in ‘safe’ BPA-free products

If you’ve been paying extra for hippy-dippy, Earth-friendly, “green” products that claim to be BPA-free, I’ve got some bad news for you today…

You’ve been hoodwinked!

New research confirms the warning you read first right here in the Daily Dose four years ago: BPA-free products are a first-degree swindle.

It’s not that BPA (bisphenol-A) isn’t as bad as you’ve heard. It might even be worse that what the media has admitted so far.

But “BPA-free” products are built on a huge lie, because many of them contain bisphenol-S or BPS — and that one-letter switch isn’t enough to make it safe.

In a series of experiments on zebrafish, BPS acted pretty much exactly like BPA: They both mimicked estrogen.

Over the long term, that BPA exposure has been linked to obesity, diabetes, sex problems, and more — and if the new study is any indication, BPS will likely do the same.

Exposure during development damaged the brains of the fish and “overstimulated” their reproductive systems. In humans, that creates the potential for early puberty, sex problems, and fertility issues.

The damage was so swift and so complete that the researchers called it “frightening.”

You’re no fish… and you’re long past your developmental years. But both BPA and BPS can wreck you just the same, especially if you’re exposed to low-but-steady doses of chemical estrogens over years and decades.

See, this stuff is used in plastics and metal can linings…but it doesn’t stay locked inside. It leaches out into your food and drink, so every bite and swig gives your body a mini hormone blast.

That means you can’t trust those “BPA-free” products out there — so if you do have to store food and drink, use glass pitchers and stainless steel containers (make sure they’re made in the U.S. of A., not China)… and if you have no choice but to buy certain foods in plastic packages, transfer them to another container as soon as you get them home.

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