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B is for BEAT AGING!

The best way to beat the winter blues AND aging? I say it’s a regular dose of vitamin BEEF.

Beef is one of the best natural sources of vitamin B12, which is critical to not only your mood and memory, but also fighting inflammation, protecting you from atherosclerosis, and even cutting your risk of heart attack.

If you’ve got dementia, boosting your B intake could slow it… stop it… or even reverse it. In fact, if your B12 levels are too low, it can actually mimic dementia.

But unless you’re CONSTANTLY eating foods rich in B12 — not only steak, but also fish, dairy, eggs, and liver — you aren’t getting nearly enough.

And you’re not alone: A new study out of Canada shows that more than HALF of all seniors are missing out on B12, with 1 in 6 suffering from serious deficiencies in this essential nutrient.

The study was on seniors in nursing homes, but they were tested when they entered — meaning, they were low in B12 long before they checked in and starting eating their cafeteria food.

Maybe if they’d gotten what they needed in the first place, they never would’ve had to walk through that door, surrendering their independence and dignity to spend their final years in assisted living.

The reason seniors are often so low in B12 is that your body doesn’t hang onto the stuff. Unlike some vitamins, which are stored in your body, B12 goes in one end and out the other.

A blend of B6, B12 and folate (another B vitamin) has been so effective against dementia in studies that Big Pharma has been trying to cook up a way to turn these natural vitamins into a new “drug.”

But why mess with meds when you don’t have to? Fire up the grill and get a steady dose of B from your favorite cut of beef. And while you’re at it, take a quality B complex today from a maker you trust.

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