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DEBUNKED: Coffee’s biggest myth!

Visit the doctor these days and you might feel as if you wandered into a pediatrician’s office by mistake — because most docs are treating seniors like children!

From the moment you walk in the door, they start in with the DO’s and DON’Ts…and they don’t let up until the moment you leave.

They tell you it’s time to quit coffee because the caffeine is supposedly hard on the aging heart. They say it could disturb the rhythm of the heart, which in turn could ultimately lead to a heart attack or heart failure.

But a new study of nearly 1,400 seniors finds that that’s nothing but a bit of bad advice — because there’s absolutely NO link at all between coffee and heart rhythm problems. What’s more, they also found no link between heart rhythm issues and other caffeinated treats, like tea or chocolate.

No heart palpitations… no skipped beats… and no “jitters” or “flutters.” Nothing!

As a result, the researchers behind the new study say mainstream docs are actually HURTING their patients by ordering them to lay off the coffee.

See, it’s not just that coffee won’t HURT you. The caffeine and other nutrients in coffee can help PROTECT your heart, with studies showing that java drinkers have a lower risk of coronary artery disease and even a lower risk of death from all causes.

Yes, NOT drinking coffee could hurt or even kill you… meaning years of mainstream advice has actually caused seniors to die!

Don’t be a victim of bad advice. Drink up — because coffee really is “good to the last drop!”

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