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Smokers, you’ve been conned!

Everybody’s been begging you to quit.

You can’t light up at dinner, and when you step outside for a smoke, all you get is dirty looks.

And you’ve tried to give up the cigarettes — you really have — but going cold turkey made you want to eat an entire turkey by yourself. The chewing gum and the patches haven’t done the trick, and “vaping” has just made you long for the sweet burn of real tobacco.

So Big Pharma is right there…promising that their pill will be the silver bullet to help you stop smoking. And it might be tempting to try it, after all else has failed.

But the fact is, Chantix does practically nothing to boost your odds of quitting, as studies have shown time and time again.

And now, new research confirms that it doesn’t work as advertised — and, in fact, that it’s no better than nicotine patches and gums…which also don’t work.

After six months, roughly three out of four smokers were still smoking no matter which method that they tried. By the time a year had passed, four out of five smokers were back to puffing away.

At least the patch and the gum will give you a little shot of brain-boosting nicotine.

Chantix will give you something else: Insomnia so bad you’ll feel like the walking dead… and if you do fall asleep, you’ll get nightmares so vivid you’ll feel as if you’re IN The Walking Dead.

Twenty-two percent of the patients on the drug battled insomnia and 23 percent experienced vivid dreams. In addition, 29 percent had nausea, while still others reported constipation and other side effects.

Those are the most common risks — but they’re not the biggest ones.

This drug could kill you, but not in the way you think — it packs a suicide risk severe enough to earn the drug a giant black box warning about it.

If you want to quit, there’s really just one safe way to get the job done — and it also just so happens to be the single most effective strategy: cold turkey.

But before you even try that, make sure you’re quitting because you want to… not because the bullies are making you.

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