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Simple plant extract runs circles around high-priced cancer drug

Cancer isn’t the death sentence it’s been made out to be — but the treatments? Those are another story!

Docs claim the only way to kill a tumor that can’t be surgically removed is to poison it — and the only way to poison a tumor is to poison YOU along with it.

So you battle through toxic chemotherapy and cancer drugs… deal with the constant nausea and crippling pain… suffer damage to your kidneys and liver… and HOPE that the tumor dies before you do.

Well, my friend, I’m here to say you’ve got more than hope on your side — because despite what you’ve heard, drugs and chemo aren’t the only ways to kill cancer. And the latest research spots a potential game-changer when it comes to lung cancer.

It’s the extract of the noni leaf.

In a new study, this simple and inexpensive extract was put up against a cancer drug that costs about $1,000 a week… and the extract won!

In the study on mice, Malaysian researchers found that noni leaf extract was more effective at stopping the growth of lung tumors than the ultra-expensive drug erlotinib.

The extract worked in a number of ways, including boosting a gene that suppresses tumor growth and increasing the number of “natural killer” cells that can seek out and destroy cancer cells.

And while erlotinib comes with side effects even more devastating than the price tag, the only issue with noni leaf extract is that it smells bad…and tastes worse.

But if it can destroy tumors without destroying you in the process, I’d say that’s a fair tradeoff. Just hold your nose.

This was a study on mice, so obviously we need to see some human trials before we can say for sure if this is the cancer-fighting miracle it appears to be. But you don’t have to wait for more research to get alternatives to chemo, because they’re out there right now.

You won’t hear about them from a mainstream oncologist, but a skilled naturopathic medical doctor can guide you through your options and let you know what might work best for you.

I recommend working with an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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