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What the Flint water crisis (and lead poisoning) mean for you

The biggest public health scandal in decades has exploded in Flint, Michigan, where kids are suffering from lead poisoning and adults are dropping dead from Legionnaires’ disease — and it’s all because of contaminated water.

But don’t take a sip of your own crystal-clear water and thank the Good Lord you don’t live in Flint just yet.

Odds are, if you were around before the 1970s, you’ve already been exposed to way too much lead…from paint…and toys…and God knows what else you’ve put in your mouth.

And it doesn’t matter if you were exposed 30 to 40 years ago and haven’t had a sip of lead-tainted water since. Your body can’t get rid of lead on its own.

And you’ve probably never been tested for it.

The press has been focusing on what lead can do to kids — but lead exposure in older folks can lead to all sorts of severe setbacks.

There’s the memory loss and cognitive decline…in some cases so severe that it looks and acts like dementia. It mimics the condition so well that docs never even consider that it might be something else.

Lead exposure can also cause joint and muscle pain. It can wreck your gut…ruin your mood…and raise your blood pressure. And since these are all common problems in seniors, your doc will just shrug them off and tell you that you’re just getting older.

“Old age” may be incurable, but lead poisoning in seniors is easily treatable with chelation, an FDA-approved therapy that pulls lead out of the body and reverses the decline…often completely.

For someone who’s been told he has dementia…or has been suffering from chronic pain…chelation is practically a miracle cure. But unless your doc is on the ball, you’ll never get tested for lead exposure and never be given the treatment that could save your life.

So if you haven’t been tested for exposure to lead and other toxic heavy metals, it’s time to stop messing around. Visit a naturopathic medical doctor who can run some tests and start you on a detox program if necessary.

I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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