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The screening scam EVERY senior needs to know about

When you’re in your 70s or beyond, you need a test for breast or prostate cancer about as much as you need to be tested by NASA for admission to astronaut school.

At that age, it’s just not something you need to worry about.

But most docs would screen you for any ridiculous ol’ thing, as long as the insurance companies will reimburse them for it.

As a result, new research finds millions of seniors are being conned into cancer screenings, with 16 percent of older men and women getting either PSA tests or mammograms that even organizations like the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force say should be off-limits for them.

These aren’t just “better safe than sorry” tests.

In the case of the mammogram, the screening ITSELF is dangerous — potentially crushing a benign tumor so the cells can spread and turn into a deadly cancer.

Both PSAs and mammograms can detect cancers that actually don’t need to be treated at all — at any age — but docs will use as an excuse to perform invasive surgeries and give you toxic radiation and poisonous chemo.

The cancer might not kill you… but your cancer treatment sure will!

Both the guidelines and the new study say, statistically speaking, that you should only go get screened if you’re going to live at least 10 more years.

If not, don’t bother with the risks. Enjoy the rest of the time you’ve got on this planet.

But even if you don’t have one foot in the grave — or if your doctor hasn’t talked to you about your own life expectancy — you can still skip most cancer screenings. Even mainstream health organizations now advise AGAINST the PSA test in men of any age because prostate tumors will almost never kill you.

And while some tumors are deadly, the PSA test is pretty much worthless when it comes to detecting them anyway.

It’s the same story with mammograms. They detect harmless tumors — leading to unnecessary treatments — and then they fail to find the potentially DEADLY ones…until it’s much too late.

So no matter what your age, don’t blindly follow your doctor’s orders and submit to any ol’ screening he throws your way.

Do your homework — and don’t take that test unless you’re sure it might do you some good.

I’ve got another warning every senior needs to see, and I’ll share that one with you later today.

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