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Why men get sicker than women

Ladies, looks like you owe us men an apology.

For years you teased us about how we act when we’re sick — in many cases, like we’re on death’s door, when all we have is “a little cold” or the run-of-the-mill flu.

Some women even call it “MAN FLU,” assuming we’re faking it to get some extra sympathy, attention, and affection.

Well, sure. Who doesn’t want sympathy, attention and affection from the ladies?

But the thing is — we’re NOT faking it.

New research confirms that men do get SICKER than women, facing worse symptoms and longer illnesses.

Yes, “man flu” is real.

Researchers did a series of experiments on nasal cells — the warm, wet, and cozy place that the flu virus likes to call “home, sweet home.” Because this environment is so fertile, the nose is where they replicate best.

And when you sneeze, you shoot the virus out all over the place, giving them a chance to spread and infect even more people.

But in female nasal cells, given a zap of estrogen, the virus practically crumbled. It had a harder time replicating — which means it would have a harder time making a woman sick.

Male cells given the estrogen zap didn’t do squat against the flu; the virus happily replicated as if nothing had happened — and that’s likely because, unlike female cells, male cells don’t have the same estrogen receptors.

Since this was a study on cells and not people, it’s hard to draw any big conclusions. But on the face of it, at least, it seems women are more naturally equipped to fight off flu than men.

But there’s a simple way to even the score — an easy way for men and women alike to fight off flu or any other nasty bug that wants to set up in camp in your nose or anywhere else.

Instead of a zap of estrogen, all you really need is a zap of immune-boosters such as vitamins C and D and the mineral zinc.

D is so effective that it’s 800 percent better than the flu shot at preventing the flu, and can even cut your risk of colds.

And if you happen to catch a nasty cold, zinc can help chase it away faster and minimize the symptoms.

Of course, a little TLC certainly wouldn’t hurt…

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