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A berry good way to boost your bedroom performance

I’ve always been more of a “bacon for breakfast” kind of guy, rather than doing the whole fruit cup or berries-and-yogurt kind of thing.

It just seemed all too…fruity…for me, so I veered more toward the lumberjack special.

Well, gentlemen, it turns out that a breakfast bowl of berries might be just the manliest way to start your day.

New research finds that the more fruit you eat, the lower your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Overall, men who eat plenty of fruit are 14 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who eat little fruit. Not surprisingly, being active boosts the benefit to 21 percent.

But not all fruits deliver the same boost. The study finds that men who eat fruit richest in anthocyanins — what gives berries their vibrant colors — have the lowest risk of all.

The simple reason for it is that these antioxidants help clear the arteries and improve the flow of blood to your most important body parts.

And you know what your most important body part is, right?

Fruit helps…but if you really want to put the boom back into your boom-boom room, there are a few other key ingredients:

Coffee: Coffee is a great way to start your day because it’s a leading source of niacin — and a 2011 study found this essential B vitamin improves erectile function, especially in men with high cholesterol.

Pistachios: Nuts in general are a great source of protein — and great snack to go with your beer — but pistachios in particular are rich in the sex-boosting protein arginine. One study found that just a handful of pistachios a day will boost your “thunder down under” and increase both your drive AND satisfaction.

Steak: Zinc, like what you’d find in a good ol’ slab of red meat, is essential for the production of testosterone, and your manly hormones are of course essential to sexual function. You can actually get lots more zinc from oysters (hence why they’re always depicted as an aphrodisiac) — but they contain SO much that I wouldn’t recommend eating them daily (even if your wallet could handle it).

Base your meals around those and you’ll be as happy at the dinner table as you are in the bedroom.

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