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How companies use “wellness” to spy on you

It can be hard enough to share your health issues with your own doctor…or even your wife.

But imagine going into work and being forced to report on the latest sales figures…your bowel movements…stomach upset…and even the ups and downs of what happens in the bedroom.

Companies have launched so-called “wellness programs” under the ruse of helping you, but they’re really using them to SPY on you.

If you’re still a part of America’s workforce, your employer has the power to FORCE you to divulge the most intimate details of your personal health!

Is nothing sacred anymore?

And if you don’t shut up and get with the program — that is, participate in plans that require you to submit to SCREENINGS and EXAMS — they can yank your health insurance out from under you!

If you’re a smoker…overweight…have high blood pressure or cholesterol…you’ll be expected to pay more. And you won’t be able to fib your way out of it — because they’ll KNOW.

And the information they get CAN and WILL be used against you.

Companies claim they’re “voluntary” and even offer “rewards” to those who play ball — but just TRY to keep the details of your inner workings private!

One worker tried to maintain a little dignity by refusing to sign up — but when he sued them for yanking his insurance, the court sided with his employer.

That outrageous recent ruling means your employer can jack up your insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars per month, if they don’t pull your coverage altogether.

If you are still covered by employer-provided insurance, you don’t have to spill all your secrets. Let ’em yank it if they want to.

You might not have to pay those sky-high monthly premiums anyway. You can read all about your options in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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