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Spice up your heart protection plan

Ask your doc about heart protection, and you’d better get ready to duck — because he’ll use that as a chance to throw every drug in the book at you.

He’ll give you statins to cut your cholesterol… aspirin to thin your blood… and a beta-blocker (or similar) to cut your blood pressure.

You name it, he’ll write you a prescription for it.

Well, my friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re among the millions of Americans knocking back those pills in the name of heart health, you’re going to be sorely disappointed… and I do mean SORE.

Statins can cause muscle pain… aspirin can cause gut pain in the form of ulcers… and BP meds can cause pain in the hip or knee when they make you so woozy that you fall and crack a bone.

And those are just SOME of the risks!

You don’t need to face any of that to keep your ticker beating steady as a metronome. All you need are natural heart-boosting nutrients, and new research spots one “super supplement” that’ll give you a real lift for about 20 cents a day.

It’s called curcumin, and it’s a compound found in the spice turmeric used in Indian foods such as curries.

In the new study, older folks given curcumin supplements saw a big-time change in something called flow-mediated dilation, or FMD.

Your doc won’t yammer on and on about FMD the way he does about cholesterol or blood pressure, but he should. FMD is far more important. It’s a measure of how well your endothelial is working, or the all-important layer inside your blood vessels that helps keep your blood flowing like the Mississippi.

FMD is one of the single biggest measures of heart risk — and after two months of taking curcumin, it improved by a stunning 34 percent.

Yes, this simple, safe and inexpensive natural supplement just outdid all those drugs — and that’s not even close to all it can do.

Studies have shown curcumin can fight depression as effectively as Prozac, stop pre-diabetes from turning into diabetes, and protect your brain from dementia.

It can even help you survive bypass surgery, cutting the risk of a heart attack after the procedure by 65 percent.

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