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The vaccine that even conventional doctors fear

After years of swearing up and down that they’re are safe and effective, docs are finally getting fed up with dangerous vaccines —- and the straw that’s breaking this camel’s aching back is the most dangerous vaccine of all.

The HPV vaccine being pushed on little girls and boys as young as nine years old supposedly protects against some of the strains of the virus that can cause cervical cancer — but in reality, the protections are limited.

The risks, however, are not — little girls have passed out, gotten sick and even DROPPED DEAD after getting this vaccine.

The HPV vaccine has also been linked to a debilitating nervous system disorder — on top of literally THOUSANDS of other adverse events related to this drug that are on file with the feds.

So…I can’t say I’m surprised that a new study finds that just 60 percent of docs strongly recommend the HPV vaccine for girls, and less than half push it on boys.

The rest want as little to do with this nightmare needle as possible, with 11 percent of them essentially saying “over my dead body” — because they won’t offer it at all.

With roughly 210,000 family docs and pediatricians in the nation, that means 23,000 mainstream docs flat-out refuse to offer this shot under any circumstances, while tens of thousands more will only give it a soft sell.

There’s no way a doc who’s keeping up with the science can push this vaccine on little girls in good conscience. And as a result, many of them aren’t pushing it at all — despite the INTENSE pressure from the CDC to do so.

It’s not just here in the United States.

In Japan, the government withdrew its recommendation of Gardasil (the brand name it’s most commonly known by) and pulled it from the official vaccination schedule. And the European Medicines Agency has been investigating it over safety issues, too.

Gardasil wasn’t designed for people our age — it’s given only to girls and boys aged 9 to 26. But if somebody’s trying to jab your kids or grandkids with it, make sure they know the risks, so they can just say “no.”

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