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Workout videos are a HUGE scam!

You’ve seen the TV commercials and the mall kiosks…and you know the pitch.

In just minutes a day, you can be as trim and fit as you were decades ago.

One of your favorite celebrities from a decade or two ago swears by the program.

But when you buy one of those dopey DVDs and try the workout moves yourself, and you’ll be swearing too — swearing up a storm when you hurt yourself!

If you’ve nursed an injury caused by trying to sweat to the oldies, it should come as no surprise at all that the folks who are in them aren’t health and fitness experts.

A new analysis of 10 popular at-home exercise videos finds most of the “instructors” have ZERO credentials. They’re no more qualified to give you workout advice than is the kid behind the counter at the Dairy Queen.

Most of them are hired based on how good they look in spandex…not on how much they know about the human body.

The study finds the DVDs might even be “psychologically unsafe” by featuring nothing but fit young models — but I’m not concerned about what watching a workout video will do to your psyche.

You’re tougher than that.

I’m worried about what it’ll do to your body, because as you get older, injuries get tougher to overcome. One false move trying to mimic something in a “Zumba” video could have you laid up for weeks.

So don’t waste your time on these silly videos. If you want to be trim and fit, you don’t need to buy a DVD, join a gym, or hire a personal trainer. You don’t even have to break a sweat — to the oldies or anything else — because TRUE fitness is about eating right and getting off your butt and on your feet with natural movements you enjoy — such as gardening, playing golf, or a taking a simple walk.

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