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New diet guidelines are a disaster in the making

There’s not much you can count on in this screwy, backward world — but there’s one thing you can be sure of: If you always expect the worst from your government, you’ll never be disappointed.

This time, they’ve managed to sink beneath even my low expectations with a new set of dietary guidelines that are even worse than the old ones.

Sure, there are new limits on sugar that have got the TV talking heads jumping for joy. But the new advice ALSO says to cut fat…limit salt…and avoid meat.

This completely misguided diet advice that’s being pushed on us by the feds is a HUGE part of the reason that we’re facing a massive epidemic of obesity and diabetes…heart disease is skyrocketing out of control…and U.S. longevity rates have stagnated to the point that nearly 40 other nations now rank ahead of us.

The feds are also still pushing vegetable oils over animal fats despite multiple studies that PROVE they lead to heart problems.

In a major study out of Australia, for example, heart patients who made the switch to plant oils began dropping like flies, dying off at DOUBLE the rate of the heart patients who continued to eat saturated fats.

Even that celebrated new cap on sugar is overblown, because it’s WAY too generous, allowing you to get a whopping 10 percent of your calories from the sweet stuff.

Based on those levels, you could have a can of soda every single day and you’d not only meet the U.S. government’s definition of a healthy diet — you’d still have a little room for dessert, too.

That’s not a diet… That’s a death sentence! I’ll have more on that topic later today, so keep your eyes peeled.

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