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A ‘healthy’ diet will make you fat!

Grocery shopping has changed a lot over the years. These days, you’re getting hit from all directions as you push your cart down the aisle…a new flavor variety here…brand new packaging there…fortified with this…enriched with that…. It’s enough to drive you to distraction.

But the biggest change has come with the emergence of “health foods” and “healthy” versions of your favorite snacks and guilty pleasures. You can’t make it through a trip to the local supermarket without packaged foods practically jumping off the shelves to tell you how supposedly healthy they are.

But don’t believe the hype, because, in reality, they’re not even remotely good for you.

Whoever heard of “healthy” fudge brownies or chocolate chip cookies?

They don’t exist…and the people who make them know it. But they also know that claiming this garbage is healthy will not only get you to buy it, but buy MORE of it since you think you can eat it guilt-free.

In one new study out of UT Austin, folks who were told the truth about how unhealthy a cookie was reported more satisfaction after eating just a single cookie. The ones given a song and dance about how supposedly healthy the cookie was were hungrier and wanted more.

It was the same darned cookie!

In another experiment, volunteers ate more when watching a video that told them how healthy their food was, and less when they were told the truth.

So remember: If a food package is screaming at you about how healthy it is, it’s probably a marketing ploy to get you to eat more of it. Heck, if it’s in a package of any kind with writing on it it’s almost certainly downright awful for you.

Instead, get back to basics and “shop the perimeter” of the store, where you’ll find the fresh foods: produce, meats, and dairy. You can build 90 percent of what you eat around those…you’ll feel full…and you’ll get tastier, healthier meals every time.

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