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The common cause of sex problems men WON’T talk about

Denial is one of the most powerful emotions known to man.

Gentlemen, admit it — at some point, you’ve combed your hair in every direction to try to make it look like it’s not thinning out.

We all have.

But there are some things that are so embarrassing, we just ignore them altogether. We don’t admit there’s a problem. We don’t talk about it at all.

Case in point: sex problems.

A guy who’s fat, diabetic and suffering from heart disease will probably suffer from erectile dysfunction because obesity, diabetes, and heart disease each will mess up your blood flow — and an erection can only happen if there’s blood flow to the penis.

If you’re a guy with all three of these issues, an erection is practically a minor miracle.

Yet new research shows that men with the kinds of heart problems that cause sex problems come up with every other excuse as to why they might not be able to get up and stay up.

Of 500 men with erection problems and ischemic heart disease — the hardened arteries that decrease the flow of blood — nearly 40 percent couldn’t name something they could do to help fix their penis problems.

Maybe, they said, the problem was caused by low testosterone.


If you’re HEALTHY and can’t get it up, sure, you might have a testosterone problem. If you’re overweight, diabetic, and fighting off heart disease, you might too…but low testosterone is the LEAST of your worries!

So if you’re in denial, the first step to fixing your issues between the sheets is admitting it to yourself.

And if you want to get back on track in the sack, get your waistline under control with a low-carb diet. That same diet will also help reverse diabetes AND protect your heart at the same time — and just like that, your manparts should start to come back online.

If they don’t, don’t go hunting for Viagra. That’s your cue to speak to a doc about natural testosterone-boosting therapies, such as the extract of the ram’s horn clover or, in some cases, hormone replacement therapy.

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