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The crippling side effects of weight loss surgery

Weight loss can seem like quite a challenge, especially if you’ve got a lot to lose.

But there’s no bigger scam in medicine right now than stomach-shrinking surgery. Sure, having the surgery could help you lose weight, and lots more, too. You could lose your health…or even your life!

Anything that’s too good to be true usually is — yet people still get suckered out of their hard-earned money every single day by falling for scams like this.

Just listen to the sales pitch: You go into the OR, succumb to the knockout juice, and wake up with a new, smaller stomach.

And because it’s so small now, you can’t eat much. And because you can’t eat much, the pounds melt away like magic.

One new study spots a risk that surgeons won’t tell you about: Any type of stomach-shrinking surgery will boost your risk of bone breaks in the years after it by at least 21 percent.

Some procedures are worse than others. Surgeries that “work” by blocking the absorption of food will increase your risk of a break by 47 percent.

You see, this type of surgery cripples your digestive system, because when you’re unable to absorb food, you’re unable to absorb the nutrients in it.

That sets the stage for serious nutritional deficiencies, such as the vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium your bones so desperately need.

The new study focuses on bone health, but that’s really just the beginning of your problems — because the same inability to absorb nutrients can leave your tank empty of ALL the essentials.

Docs claim they will “monitor” you after surgery. They’ll have you downing vitamin shakes the way the town drunk knocks back a case of Bud. But if you can’t absorb your nutrients, it doesn’t matter how much of them you’re swallowing, or if they’re from a shake, a salad, or a hot dog.

Some folks have actually DIED because of this, as you read right here in the Daily Dose.

The best thing you can do to save your health — and your life — is to stop obesity before it gets bad enough to send you under the knife. And if you’ve already got a lot of weight to lose, talk to your doctor about eating a diet that gets you all the nutrients you need in reasonable portion sizes. And don’t forget to move around a little, too!

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