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Mystery meat is now on the menu!

How do you like your steak? Medium rare…well-done…or how about with more miles on it than an old Buick?

If that doesn’t sound too appetizing to you, you used to be able to avoid eating road-weary meat from god-forsaken countries. You used to be able make sure your Canadian bacon is really from Canada, too.

But hidden deep within the atrocious new $1.8 trillion budget Congress rammed through approval at the end of last year — the one with $66 BILLION in new spending — is a provision that will rob you of that critical knowledge.

Congress repealed what was known as COOL, or country of origin labeling — a simple law that had worked like a charm for more than five years by telling consumers where their meats had come from.

I don’t know about you, but I happen to LIKE knowing where my food has been before I put it in my mouth.

But petty Third World bureaucrats complained to the World Trade Organization that the law was unfair to them, as it makes it easier for careful American shoppers to avoid meats from shady countries.

And of course, the anti-American leaders at the WTO ruled repeatedly in favor of the foreign politicians — threatening billions in tariffs if COOL wasn’t tossed out.

Our “leaders” could have stood their ground. They could have shot back with some tariffs of our own.

Instead, they folded like a cheap suit. They must’ve been pretty ashamed of themselves, too, because they hid their failure deep into the budget bill, hoping no one would notice.

Well, my friend, I noticed — and I’m not going to let them off the hook on this one. I believe we all have the right to know what we’re eating and where it comes from — and if animals are getting sick in another country, I want to make darned sure I’m not putting any of their filth on my dinner table.

And if you don’t want overseas mystery meats on your own table, there’s a simple step you can take to avoid them all: Buy your meats straight from the source. Buy organic cuts from a quality local farm, and you’ll always know exactly what you’re eating and where it’s from.

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