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Your fillings are killing you

You know that old phrase “Mad as a hatter”? It’s one of those things we spit out without thinking, having long since forgotten its original meaning.

Mad hatters weren’t angry, they were nuts — and their madness came from sniffing fumes all day in the factories that assembled hats made of felt laced with mercury.

These days, hatters have gone the way of the dodo, but there’s still a professional messing around with mercury all day — and it’s your friendly neighborhood “mad dentist.”

But unlike those mad hatters, he’s not sniffing the fumes himself. No, HE gets to wear a mask.

You? You’re not so lucky. You’re expected to sit there with your mouth wide open as he prepares your “silver” filling, which is actually an amalgam that’s HALF mercury.

Anyone who thinks it’s safe to stuff this toxic metal into human mouths has got to be sniffing something pretty powerful! But if you ask him straight out, he’ll insist it’s both stable and safe.

Yeah, right. Tell him to take off the mask and say that!

New research PROVES he’s full of it — because the form of mercury used in dentistry is more toxic than a rattlesnake bite, it’s just a lot slower kicking in.

The form the dentist uses, elemental mercury, becomes inorganic mercury once you inhale the fumes (and believe me, if you have one of these fillings, you’ve already inhaled the odorless fumes of mercury). And while the organic mercury gets all the bad press — and all the warnings about toxic seafood — it turns out the inorganic stuff is actually WORSE!

Scientists have used bacteria to study the damaging effects on cells of both inorganic mercury and the organic mercury found in places such as contaminated seafood, and it turns out that INORGANIC mercury causes more damage to critical cellular processes. Worse yet, that damage can occur with lower levels of exposure.

Next time a dentist whips out the amalgam, grab a mask for yourself — and then run for the door.

You’re better off finding a dentist who doesn’t use the stuff. The dentists of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology not only specialize in mercury-free dentistry; they can also safely remove amalgam fillings to put a stop to your exposure. Find a dentist near you on their website

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