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The statin risk your doctor won’t warn you about

Think you know muscle pain? Think again!

You might get some aches after hauling the Christmas decorations into the garage…after shoveling some snow…or maybe after a couple hours at the driving range trying to fix that flaw in your swing….

Those pains might feel pretty bad, too. But they’re nothing next to a type of muscle pain I hope you never get to know first-hand.

This one isn’t caused by household chores or an epic fail of a backswing.

It’s caused by your meds!

The statin drugs practically forced on tens of millions of Americans can cause excruciating and debilitating muscle pain — pain so bad it’s like torture. And that pain is just the beginning of your ordeal.

What doctors won’t tell you — and what’s pretty much the worst-kept secret in medicine — is that in some cases, the pain is a sign of your muscles disintegrating right under your skin.

It’s called rhambydosis, and your muscles melt right into your bloodstream, where the dissolved tissue heads for your kidneys. As good as your kidneys are at filtering junk out of your blood, they just can’t handle muscle tissue — it’s practically cannibalism after all — and they choke on the stuff.

In some cases, they even shut down.

And that, my friend, is the REAL reason studies have shown time and time again that statin users’ risk of kidney problems and FAILURE is increased — and, according to a new study in the American Journal of Cardiology, by as much as a third. This echoes another study published in BMJ in 2013, which found almost the same exact risk as the new one.

So if your own doc wants to put you on statins, ask him if he’ll be driving you to your dialysis sessions.

He’ll get the point.

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