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What docs do after a patient ODs will SHOCK you

If someone’s threatening to kill himself, you don’t hand the guy a gun and wish him luck.

And yet, that’s pretty much what docs routinely do to some of the most desperate and vulnerable patients of all.

In this case, these aren’t folks who want to kill themselves.

They want to kill their PAIN.

These patients are suffering from pain so bad they end up taking powerful prescription opioid medications. And these are drugs with a dark side: They’re highly addictive, and it’s easy to build tolerance to them so you need higher and higher doses…until eventually you overdose.

As a result, opioid overdose is responsible for close to half a million ER trips per year and roughly 50 deaths per day in the United States alone. Yet when patients OD and live to tell the tale, what does the doctor do?

He keeps giving them MORE of the very same drugs that nearly killed them!

As insane as that is, it’s true, as new numbers show that 90 percent of patients who overdose on opioids end up with a new prescription for those same opioids.

Sure, some of them might’ve turned to gray-market “pill mills” after being cut off by their own doctors. But most didn’t have to, because 70 percent got their new opioid refills from their original prescribing doctor.

This isn’t just irresponsible. It’s criminal negligence if you ask me, because folks who overdose once could end up doing it again. In the new study, patients who continued to take opioids had DOUBLE the risk of a second OD when compared to folks who were cut off.

The best way to avoid the risk is to avoid the drugs. No matter how bad the pain is — and no matter what your doc tells you — there’s no evidence that opioids are any better than the over-the-counter stuff for chronic pain.

In fact, 200 mg of ibuprofen is about as effective as a morphine shot!

Since even ibuprofen and other OTC meds come with risks, you’re better off not even messing around with those, either, for anything other than the occasional headache.

For chronic pain, the key isn’t to cover it up with a drug. It’s to find the source of the pain and fix it, ideally with the help of an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

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