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Whooping cough hitting vaccinated kids the hardest

If you’ve ever smelled formaldehyde, you never forget it. It’s the toxic chemical that keeps dead bodies preserved — used on humans at the funeral home and on frogs in science class.

Of course, most schools got rid of formaldehyde a long time ago, so kids are no longer breathing in the cancer-causing stuff.

But that doesn’t mean they’re off the hook.

These days, living, breathing, healthy kids are getting shot up with formaldehyde — because it’s a key ingredient in most childhood vaccinations.

These kids are actually getting this POISON injected directly into their bodies…and for what?

I’ll tell you: Nothing! Because, as the latest headlines show, those toxin-filled needles don’t even deliver on the basic promise of protection against common diseases.

When Fox News reported that a major whooping cough (pertussis) outbreak in Davie County, North Carolina left 13 kids sick, the article stated the following, without a hint of irony:

  1. “The spread of whooping cough is most easily prevented by receiving the DTaP shot.”
  2. “All 13 of the people confirmed to have pertussis had gotten the vaccine.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The vaccine that supposedly prevents the disease didn’t actually prevent the disease.

And this latest isn’t the only one. There have been several major outbreaks of whooping cough around the country — and If they had been caused by UNvaccinated kids, you know the news would be harping on it right now, like last year’s ridiculous measles “crisis.”

But since most reports of them don’t even mention the vaccination status of the kids, that begs the question…What is this vaccine even doing for our kids? What the heck is in those needles?

Answer: Formaldehyde — and a bunch of other toxic chemicals you don’t want in your body or the bodies of your kids and grandkids.

Even if the shots did work, would you really want the little ones in your life getting injected with the same stuff that gets put in cadavers and scientific specimen?

But it’s pretty clear that they DON’T work, so these vaccines just aren’t worth it.

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