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The last argument for vegetarianism crumbles

It’s going to be 2016 in a few days. And if you’re like a lot of people, you’re making the pledge to eat better this year.

And wouldn’t you know it — the loony Left is pitching a plan that they say will make you healthier and save the earth.

The only problem? It’s a total crock.

I’m sure you’ve heard the vegetarians’ nonsense claim that meat production causes greenhouse gases, which lead to global warming. In other words, if you keep the bacon in your BLT, you’re guilty of killing both yourself AND the planet.

When science fails, try guilt!

“Think of the children!” they cry. “Think of the children!!!”

Yes, I think of the children all right…and when I do, I think of how much they love bacon!

As it turns out, bacon isn’t just good for kids and adults alike. It’s also positively great for the planet, because new research confirms just what you’ve read here in the Daily Dose: Vegetable production is worse for the environment than meat production.

Growing and shipping lettuce is THREE TIMES worse for the planet than producing the same amount of bacon, according to the study from Carnegie Melon University.

Talk about an inconvenient truth!

Overall, following USDA guidelines and cutting back on meat while eating more vegetables would increase energy use by 38 percent and emissions by 6 percent.

It would also require 10 percent more water — not exactly good news with California farmland already crumbling under a massive drought.

And let’s face it — only these vegan hipsters would want you to believe that converting otherwise fertile land into pesticide-soaked farmland for soy, corn, or kale is good for anyone.

So if you really want to “go green” and protect both your health and the health of the planet, the best thing you can do is what humans have done for millennia: Fire up the grill and throw on another steak.

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