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Is this the world’s greatest Alzheimer’s treatment?

Signs of aging are probably the LAST thing you even want to think about on this day, so I’m not going to be a Grinch and bring your Christmas down.

No, I have GOOD news for all of us who are getting older — and it’s so good, it almost seems like a Christmas miracle.

Imagine coming home from the doctor’s office with some of the worst news you could possibly imagine: You’re in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and your doc says there’s no turning back.

What can you do?

Pour yourself a drink!

Stay with me here — I’m not suggesting you celebrate the diagnosis of a brain-robbing disease…and I certainly don’t want you to drown your sorrows.

But there IS something you can toast to: A little booze can work wonders on the body and mind. New research shows it can even do something for early-stage Alzheimer’s patients that no drug in the world can — keep you ALIVE!

In the new study out of Denmark, early-stage Alzheimer’s patients who continued to enjoy their favorite “adult beverages” were much more likely to stay alive than their teetotaling counterparts, who were likely to die within three years of their diagnosis.

And if you’ve got early-stage Alzheimer’s yourself and knock back two to three glasses a night of liquor, beer, or wine, your risk of dropping dead over the next three years plunges by 77 percent, according to the study in the online journal BMJ Open.

Naturally, the finger-waggers in the mainstream media are doing their best to throw a wet blanket over the study. They claim it’s because drinkers are more social, and being more social is what’s probably keeping these people alive — not the booze itself.


Years of research on alcohol and brain health are perfectly clear: Drinking is GOOD for the brain. It could cut the risk of cognitive decline and even help ward off dementia in the first place — so it only makes sense that this healthy habit could also fight the worst effects of the disease, if you already have it.

But don’t stop at just a glass of egg nog, mulled wine, or a little spiked cider. If you’ve got early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, you can also slow or even stop the progression of the disease by boosting your intake of brain-friendly B vitamins.

One study found that a simple B complex available in any vitamin shop for pennies a day can stop the damage linked to dementia, and you can read all about it for free in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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