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Merry Christmas…here’s a fine gift!

It’s two days before Christmas, and I haven’t received a card from the White House yet. Looks like they left me off the list…again!

I doubt you’ll get one, either. Just reading the Daily Dose has probably landed you on their “naughty” list.

They don’t send out CHRISTMAS cards anyway. Nope…the Obama White House sends out an all-inclusive “holiday” card that makes no mention of just what holiday is being celebrated.

You might not get a card, but you WILL get a bill — especially if you’re among the millions of Americans who refuse to sign up for Obamacare.

The penalty for morally objecting to this socialist scheme is jumping by nearly 50 percent — and will cost the typical American nearly $1,000!

New projections from the Kaiser Family Foundation show that by next year, if you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to hand over $969 per household — or nearly 50 percent higher than this year’s $661 fine for being uninsured.

After all, someone has to pay for all that “free” healthcare! You’d think you’d get a thank-you note for that — but don’t count on it.

The fine is so high now, you might think that Obamacare actually is the better deal, because at least you’ll get some insurance coverage for your hard-earned money.

Think again.

Many of the plans not only cost hundreds of dollars per month, they also have deductibles so high — as high as $5,000 — that they’re pretty much impossible to use.

Fortunately, there’s a way out. Just as fed-up Americans are refusing to buy Obamacare plans they can’t use, a growing number of frustrated doctors are also going off the grid.

Instead of accepting cut-rate fees from Obamacare insurers and being forced to cram hundreds of patients a day into their schedule, these doctors are offering patients unlimited basic services for a low monthly fee.

Use Google to see if there’s a “concierge” or “direct pay” clinic near you, then do the math to see if it makes sense for your family (in some cases, it might not).

You can also visit a naturopathic doctor, who has never been part of the insurance system in the first place, and receive superior care for a reasonable price.

I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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