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Heart failure? Here’s a drug you DON’T want!

Think politicians and movie stars have big egos? They do…but they’re positively pea-sized compared to the ego of your typical doctor!

Docs make life-or-death decisions every day — and some of them think that means they get to play God.

Your own doctor’s ego may swell so much that he stops questioning what actually WORKS for you and simply does what he’s always done with his patients.

But more often than not, it’s beyond clear that “what they’ve always done” isn’t helping you or anybody else.

It’s hurting.

And if you or your loved ones are suffering from heart failure, your doctor could be hurting you by giving you a drug that’s now scientifically proven to make you feel WORSE instead of better.

The drugs are called nitrates, and they’re given for one of the most common forms of heart failure. They’re supposed to ease symptoms such as chest pain, weakness, and breathing problems so you can get up, get around, and be more active.

But a damning new study finds nitrates actually do just the opposite — patients who take the drugs end up LESS active as a result. And taking higher doses led to even lower levels of activity, according to the study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The drugs that are supposed to improve your life are practically shutting you down!

This doesn’t just mean that millions of heart patients are taking a drug that makes them feel worse.

It means the ego-driven doctors of millions of heart patients DIDN’T NOTICE their patients feeling worse — even, no doubt, after repeated complaints. And they didn’t notice when a drug that was supposed to help increase activity instead made patients lazier than a teen in summer.

That’s not just ignorance, my friend. That’s IGNORING the issue on a world-class level.

So, it’s time to do two things:

  1. Call your doc and tell him you want off the nitrates. Don’t stop on your own — you’ve got to go through him.
  2. Do your homework. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Ask questions…and if you don’t like the answers, never be afraid to get a second opinion. The study is proof your doc needs someone looking over his shoulder — no matter how good he thinks he is — and that someone has to be you.

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