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Beware of this annual New Year’s scam

Mark your calendars, my friend. In just a couple of weeks, the holiday cheer will be gone — and you’ll be left with the holiday hangover instead.

And this one isn’t just a headache that’ll vanish within a few hours.

This holiday hangover is that crummy and bloated feeling that arrives after weeks (or maybe months) of overeating and overindulging – which you did because, as you told yourself, “It’s the holidays.”

By January, you’ll feel like everything from the Thanksgiving turkey to the Christmas ham is still sitting inside your stomach.

It’s not just you. It happens to everyone — and that’s why you’re about to drown in a flood of ads for gym memberships. They’re hoping to exploit the holiday hangover to get millions of people to commit to a yearlong contract for a membership they’ll use once or twice.

Naturally, the media is helping them out. Of course they’re helping, because they’re profiting off the ads! So bear that in mind when you see the “news” reports already appearing in papers about fitness resolutions and “what to look for in a gym.”

But if you’re looking for weight loss in a gym, you’re looking in the wrong place — because there’s not a piece of equipment in that stinky sweat-pit that will help you to lose weight.

The science is consistent and clear: Exercise does NOT lead to weight loss.

Even the Mayo Clinic says so!

Most people boost their calorie intake to make up for whatever they’ve burned off. Even “sports drinks” contain more calories per bottle than what most people burn during a torture session. And according to a study by Arizona State University, after all that hard work, you’re likely to reward yourself with a treat that has more calories than what you burned.

There’s just ONE way to drop all the extra weight you’ve gained over the holidays or any other time of year — and that’s by changing what you eat.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to count calories; counting calories is for suckers. And you don’t have to switch to a bland diet low in fat, salt, and taste.

All you have to do is give up carbs and commit to a healthy diet rich in all-natural animal fats and proteins. Studies have shown that lo-carb diets help people lose more weight than low-fat diets.

Give it a shot – you’ll be amazed at quickly it works. The pounds will practically melt right off and you’ll be back in fighting shape in no time.

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