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Why Americans don’t live as long as they should

All over the world, people are living longer and better than ever.

Life expectancy is up just about everywhere you look — everywhere, that is, except for right here in the United States!

All those doctor’s appointments…treatments and prescriptions…and high medical bills…and we’ve got ZILCH to show for them.

New numbers confirm that the average American life expectancy has been flat for three straight years — holding steady at 78.8 years. That doesn’t even put us in the Top 10. And, no, we’re not in the Top 20, either. If this were a radio countdown, we’d barely make the cut — because we’re at the bottom end of the Top 40.

We’re behind Cuba, Chile, and Costa Rica. We can’t keep up with Finland, Ireland, and the Netherlands. We’re not even close to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Listen closely, and you can practically hear old folks from Israel to Italy laughing at us.

And in Hong Kong and Japan, which have the highest longevity rates in the world, folks now live nearly FIVE YEARS longer than the average American, according to the new numbers from the World Bank.

Let the “average” Americans sit around in their scooter chairs and watch as the world passes them by.

But not you, my friend!

You can join the rest of the world to live LONGER and BETTER. You can thrive into your 80s…your 90s…and even beyond.

All you have to do is wake up and realize that just about everything you’ve been told by our Nanny State government about health and longevity is flat-out wrong.

Look at what they did when they switched us away from animal fats and onto vegetable oils about half a century ago! It’s been an utter disaster — leading directly to today’s epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

So forget it and take a cue from the people in Hong Kong and Japan, where they reject processed foods and eat plenty of fresh animal fats — and not just fish. Those folks are crazy for all fats, especially the stuff practically considered “forbidden food” here, such as pork belly.

You know what else they do? They booze it up nightly!

They eat well, drink well, and live well. If you take a leaf out of their playbook, you’ll have a shot of reaching a ripe, old age…and you’ll love every minute of it, too.

I’ll have more on another “forbidden” habit later today. Keep an eye on your inbox!

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