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The dopiest trend of 2015 is…

It’s one of the biggest trends of the year — and hands-down the dumbest.

Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs,” as they’re called, are becoming as common as flies around a cow patty.

Some folks just think they’re “cool” (they’re not), others think they’re safer than regular cancer sticks (nope), and some even believe these things will help them quit (keep dreaming).

The ugly truth about electronic cigarettes is that they can quite literally blow up in your face — exploding in your mouth like the prank cigarettes in the old cartoons, except with very real and lasting damage.

But even when they don’t explode in your face, these awful things are flat-out dangerous. They don’t burn tobacco like cigarettes or cigars — instead, they vaporize a chemical cocktail (often made in China) called “smoke juice” or “e-juice.”

One new study finds the popular flavored versions of “smoke juice” contain dangerous additives linked to a nightmarish respiratory disease.

It’s called “popcorn lung,” but don’t be fooled by the cheerful name. It’s a lot like bronchitis, only 10 times worse. It got the name because it was first spotted in factory workers who inhale the flavoring chemicals used to make microwave popcorn.

And if you smoke e-cigs, you could be getting a lungful of those very same toxic fumes, as the new study finds that more than 90% of smoke juice samples contained at least one of three chemicals linked to this vicious lung disease.

Even if the unflavored stuff doesn’t contain those same chemicals, you can bet there’s nothing good in there, either.

In any case, you don’t need to make the switch to e-cigs anyway, especially if you’re trying to quit — because honest-to-goodness all-natural American tobacco isn’t the mass murderer it’s been made out to be.

Heck, nicotine can actually PROTECT the brain from major degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

If there’s anything in a cigarette that’s bad for you, it’s all the nasty chemicals Big Tobacco dumps in when they “process” it.

So if you want to smoke, go ahead and puff away — just stick to a quality natural cigar. Hold the smoke in your cheeks (don’t inhale; like Slick Willie, cigar smokers do NOT inhale) and release.

The cells in your cheeks will pull in all the beneficial compounds from the tobacco and deliver them to your bloodstream.

And if you really want to quit, forget dopey gimmicks like e-cigs and don’t even touch the anti-tobacco drugs. The most successful strategy is the simplest: cold turkey.

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