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Terrifying new ‘candy’ drug approved for kids

I’ve always said docs are handing out ADHD drugs like candy — and now, it’s actually true!

The feds just signed off on a crazy new form of methylphenidate, the main ingredient in Ritalin: a chewable candy version of this powerful, addictive, brain-rotting, heart-stopping stimulant drug…aimed at children as young as 6 years old.

What’s next, a Flintstones version???

Any doc who thinks a 6 year-old needs to be medicated for ADHD must have never walked into a kindergarten classroom.

Yes, those little tikes are inattentive. Yes, they’re hyper. Yes, they will drive you nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. That’s not a disorder…that’s CHILDHOOD!

In fact, just about all the “official” symptoms of ADHD from the National Institutes of Health are perfectly NORMAL. Take a look:

  • Lose toys, books, and school supplies often
  • Fidget and squirm a lot
  • Talk nonstop and interrupt people
  • Run around a lot
  • Touch and play with everything they see
  • Be very impatient
  • Blurt out inappropriate comments

C’mon! Drugging a kindergartener for any of that would be like drugging a kitten for chasing a ball of yarn.

Instead of just being allowed to act their age, kids will now get QuilliChew ER — a candy-coated methylphenidate, which even mainstream science has declared “chemically similar to cocaine.”

Little kids dream of being astronauts…and sure enough, they’ll be flying higher than the space station!

Think the new drug is any safer because it’s a chewable version approved for kids as young as 6? Think again!

A study last year found that ADHD drugs DOUBLE the risk of high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and even full cardiac arrest. It’s so serious, the new drug’s own label warns it can cause sudden death in kids and adults alike when taken at recommended doses. It also warns of heart problems, growth problems, psychiatric problems, vascular problems and more.

The label even has a big, black box warning of the risk of abuse and dependence. Forget the 12-step program in the basement of the local church… they’re going to have to start one in their school lunchroom!

Make sure the kids and grandkids in your life aren’t part of that program. Children almost always grow out of their hyperactivity “disorder.”

If they’re really going bonkers, lots of time a little more exercise will settle them down. Even fish oil has been proven to help.

And you’ll feel a lot better about giving that to your kids or grandkids than Big Pharma’s latest candy-flavored poison.

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