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Statins could be pushed on children next

This isn’t medicine… it’s child abuse!

Pediatricians are being pushed to screen and “treat” children as young as 9 years old for adult diseases like high cholesterol, and you know what that means: DRUGS, and lots of them.

Never mind that supposedly “high” cholesterol is perfectly normal in kids…or that it’s positively critical to brain development. And never mind that cutting those levels can damage the immune system in kids and adults alike — and that the drugs themselves can cause diabetes!

But the American Academy of Pediatrics has started urging docs to turn a blind eye to all the reasons why they SHOULDN’T screen and treat, and just do it anyway. The reason? Childhood obesity.

But when a kid is obese, don’t screen him for high cholesterol or put him on a pill.

Take his Cheetos away!

Let me tell you what’s really going on here: Big Pharma struck solid gold when they cooked up a drug that people would be expected to take from middle age right to the grave.

But they want more…more…more.

They COULD try making better drugs that actually work. But why bother when you can just expand the use of the old ones that don’t?

Get kids on the drugs, and you’ll have cradle-to-the-grave source of easy revenue that never stops flowing.


Once again, you can bet the pharmacy this isn’t about saving or protecting children. It’s about what drug industry fat-cats would call “expanding the customer base.”

Protect your legacy for generations to come — don’t let them do this to your children…your grandchildren…or any youngsters you may have in your life. If their cholesterol is truly high, they need a doc who can figure out what’s gone wrong.

I’m not done with children’s health just yet. I’ve got an urgent new warning you need to see — and it’s coming up later this week.

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