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Quick relief from back pain with this simple trick

When it comes to pain relief, the treatment you’re going to get from the mainstream isn’t just dangerous.

It’s downright lazy!

Most docs will barely examine you before they send you on your way with a prescription for a powerful opiod painkiller — you know, those drugs that can actually stop your heart and kill you.

The CDC estimates some 2 million Americans are now hooked on powerful opioid painkillers — leading to 16,000 overdose deaths and more than 400,000 ER visits every year.

By and large, doctors are overlooking — or ignoring — alternatives to pain pills, including one non-invasive therapy that’s been working for over 50 years.

It’s called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, and it’s a little box with some electrodes coming out of it. You stick some pads on the electrodes, put the pads on the your back, flip the switch and…ZAP!

I’m half-kidding. It’s an electrical impulse, but it doesn’t feel like a shock. Hit the muscle just right, and it almost feels like a massage.

And like a massage, this cheap at-home therapy can help you feel GOOD, providing real and almost immediate relief for the common, nagging, and often severe low-back pain that causes so many people to turn to painkillers, according to the study.

In a new study published in (what else?) The Journal of Pain, researchers say the only downside to TENS is that the relief doesn’t last — but the same is true of drugs. Neither will truly cure the problem because neither treats the cause — but at least you can’t get addicted to an electrical current.

You can buy a TENS unit online for as little as $25 (but some can cost way more than that). Buy one with good reviews and bring it to a doc who can show you exactly how to use it for best results.

Then, for some truly lasting relief, work with a naturopathic physician on finding and fixing the core CAUSE of your pain — whether it’s poor posture, arthritis, disc degeneration, or an undiagnosed injury.

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