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Is your body size sabotaging your weight loss?

It’s almost here… that special time of year when people make promises they KNOW they’re not going to keep.

Yes, my friend, “resolution season” is almost upon us and I’m sure it won’t surprise you at all to find out that nearly half are about diet and/or exercise — and most of those vows will be broken before the dried-out remains of your Christmas tree are dragged out to the curb.

If you’ve made (and broken) that resolution before, you know the score. It’s not that you don’t WANT to lose weight.

Of course you do!

The problem is that it’s so darned hard, and the latest research shows one reason why: The more you weigh… the more difficult it is to lose that weight.

Your fat cells are programmed to burn themselves up whenever you need energy, like when you’re dieting and don’t have enough calories coming in to give your body what it needs for the day.

But as you pack on more pounds, your body undermines the process, churning out a protein called sLR11 that seeks out fat cells and sabotages their ability to burn up, according to the study on both mice and people.

The flipside is that once you manage to shed a few pounds, you can shut down your body’s sLR11 factory so it becomes easier to finally drop the rest of them.

It’s getting over the hump that’s hard — and naturally, there’s already talk of cooking up drugs to speed the process along.

But who needs it? There’s already a way to kick-start your internal fat-burner — a diet scientifically proven to help you lose weight fast, keep it off and protect your heart at the same time.

You don’t have to starve yourself… you don’t have to count calories… and you don’t need to join a gym and sweat yourself stupid to drop those extra pounds.

All you have to do is give up sugar and bring your total carb intake down to near zero.

Stick to a diet rich in the healthy animal fats you crave — including steak, bacon and full-fat dairy — and your waistline will shrink so rapidly and you’ll be out shopping for new pants before you know it.

And this year, you’ll finally be able to keep a resolution instead of breaking it.

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