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Secret ingredient hidden in new flu shots could ruin your life!

Watch out, seniors!

The feds have just approved a new flu shot aimed right at you — one that comes with a “secret ingredient” that’s supposed to boost its power to make it more effective in older folks.

But don’t roll up your sleeve for Fluad just yet, because this same “secret ingredient” has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome!

It’s called squalene, and it’s supposed to amp up your immune response so the shot works better.

That’s why they used it in the highly experimental anthrax vaccine that practically was forced on U.S. troops during the first Gulf War. It was also the secret ingredient that was supposed to make the vaccine work faster in the rush to war when Saddam was threatening a biological and chemical attack — the same reason it’s being used in the flu shot.

Lots of those soldiers got sick anyway — not from anthrax, but from Gulf War Syndrome. And although its cause isn’t officially known, all eyes are unofficially on that vaccine’s secret ingredient, squalene.

In one major study, squalene antibodies were detected in the blood of nearly every soldier who came down with Gulf War Syndrome — while none were found in the blood of healthy soldiers.

And now they want to give this stuff to you? As the kids would say… I DON’T THINK SO!

Along with links to Gulf War Syndrome, a study on rats found that squalene causes chronic inflammation in the joints. In humans, we’d call that rheumatoid arthritis.

Amazingly, for all those risks, there’s zero evidence this shot does anything at all for seniors. It was approved on the basis that in studies that looked at the immune response after vaccination, and not at how well the shot works (or, more likely, DOESN’T work) out in the real world.

Yes, if you get this flu shot, you’re nothing more than a Big Pharma guinea pig!

Truth is, you don’t need this or any other shot to beat the flu anyway. The vaccine is at best ineffective, and at worst dangerous — with even the “standard” flu shot known to cause flu-like symptoms and other complications.

Boost your winter intake of vitamin D instead, which has proven to be 800 percent more effective than the shot… without the risks.

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