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Want to fight heart disease? Play more golf!

It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

If you’ve got heart disease, it’s easy to give up. You feel about as delicate as a china doll — so you’re afraid to get back to your favorite activities, because of the toll they might take on your ticker.

I’ve know folks who’ve given up golf after a heart disease diagnosis… and one buddy who’s even stopped going to Poker Night!

Yes, it’s all too easy to decide you’re just going to stay in and watch some more TV — and the only time you leave your home is to go to your doctor’s appointments.

And if that’s your story, I’m here to deliver the kick in the pants you need — because sitting around at home all day is the fastest road to worsening your disease and an early death.

We’ve known for ages now that parking your meat in a seat will increase the risk of heart disease (and just about every other major chronic disease).

But the latest research finds that once you have heart disease, sitting around all day will make it worse. Sedentary patients with heart disease have a harder time sucking in all the oxygen they need, according to the new study.

Not surprisingly, they’re also heavier, too.

And that, my friend, means it’s time to grab the remote, hit the “OFF” button and get back on your feet again.

You don’t have to waste your hard-earned cash on a gym membership, and you don’t have to spill a drop of sweat engaged in anything that resembles “exercise.”

Heck, if anything, pushing yourself like that is a recipe for a coronary!

The study finds that exercise won’t make a lick of difference, because even folks who had a daily workout were in bad shape if they spent the rest of the day in Couch Potato Mode.

The REAL secret to a healthy heart is in simply moving throughout the day. Go for a walk, visit your buddies, make an appearance at your favorite watering hole (especially on Poker Night) and get back out on the golf course to show everyone that heart disease didn’t rob you of your swing.

Get out as if your life depended on it — because as the new study shows… it does!

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