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Save your knees with the power of 10

There have been entire books written about protecting your knees from osteoarthritis. But I can boil their best advice down to just three simple words:


Even a few extra pounds won’t do your knees any favors. And if you’re obese, of course your knees are going to groan, creak and eventually fall apart from all that weight.

I don’t need a study to know that. That’s not even medicine… that’s physics!

But denial is a powerful tool. I’ve known folks who claimed they could get away with extra weight because they’re the “healthy obese.”

And if you’re one of them, I’ve got your wake-up call right here, because a new study shows in black and white what’s happening inside your knees right now — and it’s not a pretty picture.

Even if you haven’t had any knee pain yet… even if you’re a believer in the myth of healthy obesity… right now, at this very moment, your cartilage is practically disintegrating.

And it’s only a matter of time before arthritis sets in.

That’s the bad news.

But I’m not about bad news, especially not during the holidays, so let me give you the GOOD: The study also shows how you can take action today to save your knees from damage tomorrow… but only if you’re willing to finally lose the weight.

The number to aim for is 10. Not 10 pounds, that’s not enough to save your knees.

You need to drop 10 PERCENT of your bodyweight — or even more than that, because the new study shows that losing any less won’t make a bit of difference.

I know it sounds like a tall order, especially if you’ve really let yourself go over the years. But I’m here to say that just by taking a few simple steps — like cutting the carbs and sugars and loading up on healthy fats — you can do it.

You can lose the weight, keep it off and protect your knees, all at the same time.

I’ll have more on the safest, fastest, easiest and healthiest way to lose weight later this week, so keep an eye on your inbox.

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