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Terrifying new superbugs can resist EVERY drug!

We’re at the dawn of a new age, my friend — and it’s not a hippy-dippy future of peace and love.

It’s a new Dark Age, as antibiotics fail left and right and we rapidly head toward a world where folks will again drop like flies from common infections that until recently were treatable and beatable.

Right now, we’ve got breaking news out of China on a new genetic mutation that can transform almost any once-treatable bacteria into an unstoppable killing machine.

This mutation, called MCR-1, allows bacteria to resist even the most powerful “last resort” antibiotics that doctors have saved for the most desperate cases.

First spotted in livestock in China, the mutated germs have made the leap to humans. They’ve already busted out of China, with cases reported in Laos and Malaysia.

But believe it or not, that’s not even the scariest part.

This mutation isn’t some freak event picked up by one specific type of bacteria.

MCR-1 is something the germs can pass around like gossip, spreading from one type of bacteria to another in a flash, with E. coli, Klesbsiella pneumonia and Pseudomonas aeruginosa all picking up the resistance gene so far and more undoubtedly ready to join the party.

You can bet it’s only a matter of time before these superbugs start making the trip to other continents. And when they do these invaders will ultimately become our BIGGEST threat and there’s no wall or “watch list” that’s going to keep them from sneaking across our borders.

But while we can’t keep them out of our country, you CAN keep them out of your body if you follow two simple steps.

First, take an antibiotic only when you’re absolutely sure it’s needed.

And second, start taking a probiotic supplement right now — because filling your belly with “good” bacteria could be the only chance you have of killing off dangerous drug-resistant superbugs if you’re exposed.

Don’t just take any old probiotic; many are useless. Choose only a quality formula from a maker your trust, with billions of colony-forming units (CFUs) of proven strains.

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