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The ‘miracle elixir’ that could add years to your life

Forget the Fountain of Youth. If you want to turn back time, drink from the Fountain of Folgers instead!

Coffee is practically a miracle elixir. It doesn’t just give you a burst of energy to start your day. It gives you a burst of nutrients that could cut your risk of dying from just about all of the diseases that start to stalk you as you add years to your birthday cake.

The latest research on coffee finds a single cup a day will cut your risk of death by 6 percent. Pour yourself a second, and the risk drops by 8 percent.

And if you drink three to five cups a day, the risk plunges by 15 percent, according to the study of folks who practically have coffee running through their veins: doctors and nurses.

Some 200,000 of these highly caffeinated medical professionals were tracked for up to 30 years, and coffee seemed to cut the risk of death from just about every major killer, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

A daily cup or three also helped prevent death from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Coffee drinkers are even less likely to commit suicide!

It doesn’t even matter if you like the high-octane stuff that gets you moving in the morning or if you prefer decaf. Either way, the benefits are the same, according to the study in Circulation.

That’s because drop for drop, you won’t find a richer source of essential disease-fighting, heart-boosting, brain-saving nutrients than a cup of coffee.

For example, coffee is loaded with niacin, an essential B vitamin that could add years to your life. In one study, niacin extended the lives of roundworms by 10 percent.

We’re not worms, but niacin is so critical to your health that Big Pharma has been selling a synthetic “drug” version of it for years.

Make coffee your “drug” of choice instead and you’ll get all you need and then some, with each cup packing nearly triple the recommended daily intake.

Just don’t ruin your coffee with sugar and other sweeteners, especially the overpriced “specialty” drinks from the Christmas-haters over at Starbucks. Drink it black or with a little fresh cream and you’ll get great taste… a shot of caffeine… and all the life-extending benefits.

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