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The one type of fat that’s even worse than obesity

If you’ve worked hard to keep yourself to a normal weight, don’t pat yourself on the back just yet.

Pat your belly instead.

If you’ve got some jiggle in your middle, you’ve still got a little work to do — because new research shows how belly fat can be DEADLIER than obesity!

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? You’re battling to keep off the pounds… meanwhile, folks who gorge on Little Debbie end up living longer.

Makes you want to give up and gorge, too!

Don’t do it my friend. Just take everything you’ve heard about “normal” weight and toss it, because “normal” doesn’t matter a lick if you’ve got some extra fat in all the wrong places.

And if it’s piling up on your middle — even if it hasn’t quite flopped over your belt just yet — then you’ve got it in the wrong places.

According to the new study, men who have a “normal” weight but extra fat around the belly are more than twice as likely to die an early death than obese men. They’re also 87 percent more likely to kick the bucket than thin men without the extra blubber.

Women with a normal weight and a potbelly are nearly 50 percent more likely to drop dead than gals without the extra fat.

Believe it or not, death isn’t the only risk from a little extra belly fat. As the fat builds up around your middle, it starts to crowd your vital organs, causing all kinds of other problems.

For example, excess belly fat can squeeze uric acid out of your liver — leading to gout, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and more.

But you don’t have to buy an “ab cruncher” or do any painful exercise to get rid of your belly fat. And you certainly don’t have to give up beer, because a “beer belly” isn’t caused by your favorite brew.

Let’s call it what it really is: a sugar pot, because excess carbs — especially sugar — cause your body to store energy as fat for a rainy day.

And the first place it stashes the stuff is right in your gut.

Make it rain today. Give up carbs and your body will break into that stash of fat and burn it off — giving you a flat stomach and quite possibly adding years to your life.

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