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Study reveals steroid shots fail to knock out knee pain

Can you believe some of those hypocritical superstar athletes? They all make the same claim: They reached the top of their sport on nothing more than hard work and God-given talent.

They’ll stick to that claim … right up to the day they’re exposed as just another ugly drug cheat.

You’re no spoiled millionaire athlete, and you’re certainly no cheat. But if steroids can help athletes win a championship, you’d think the same drugs could at least help you win a battle with knee arthritis.

Turns out you’re better off believing in that athlete who claimed he’s “all-natural” than believing in steroid shots — because new research confirms that these drugs pushed on countless arthritis patients by docs won’t do a thing to ease your creaky knees.

Steroid injections delivered every 12 weeks for two years did no better than placebo shots of saline in the study of 140 osteoarthritis patients.

There was no difference in pain levels… and no difference in function.

Heck, by some measures the folks given the saline shots did better, because they actually had slightly LESS damage in their cartilage of the knee by the time the study was over.

It’s as if the drugs are playing for the wrong team!

Of course, docs who make a good chunk of change singing the praises of steroids are already trying to dismiss the study. Sure, they say, maybe the drugs don’t work over the long run — but they can still provide a little short-term pain relief.


Steroids are flunking just about every major pain study lately. Just a couple months back, a study found they do zip for elbow pain… and right before that, another study found they do squat for back pain.

So no matter what part of you is aching, don’t expect any real relief from steroid shots — but you CAN expect some real risks, including a higher risk of serious infections.

Who needs it? Not you, because you’ve got much better options for taking on knee pain, starting with one of the basics: chondroitin.

As I shared with you recently, this natural therapy, available for just pennies a day, is more effective than one of today’s most commonly used drugs, but without the risks.

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