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Sick of drug commercials? Shockingly so is the AMA!

It was a full house. We had everyone over for Thanksgiving this year — even the grandkids.

We had chips on the table, a plump bird in the oven and some football on TV.

And that’s when things got REALLY uncomfortable.

Seems like every darned commercial break was full of ads for sex meds — and if you think those spots are tough to take when it’s just you and the wife, try having them on in a roomful of grandchildren who only minutes earlier were watching Santa Claus welcome the Christmas season at the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But the biggest problem with the constant barrage of ads for everything from libido pills to antidepressants isn’t how uncomfortable they make you feel.

It’s that they WORK!

Drug ads are so effective at inducing mass hypochondria that millions of Americans are taking drugs they don’t need for conditions they don’t even have.

Restless leg syndrome, anyone???

Now, the most mainstream of all mainstream medical organizations is saying enough’s enough. The American Medical Association is calling for an end to direct-to-consumer drug ads such as all the sex pills that make it impossible to watch a ballgame when the little ones are in the house.

They say it’s adding unnecessary costs to healthcare, and exposing patients to unnecessary risks.

Already, drug companies are crying and moaning about free speech.

But this isn’t free speech. It’s PAID speech — it’s advertising, and highly successful advertising at that. The ads are so effective that a 2011 study found every buck spent on drug commercials leads to $4.20 in sales.

Forget doubling your money… Big Pharma has found a way to QUADRUPLE it!

That’s why most nations ban direct-to-consumer drug advertising. In fact, it’s allowed only in the United States and New Zealand.

I’ve got no illusions over this.

Despite the AMA’s call, drug ads are almost certainly here to stay — so next time you’re watching the game or anything else and the drug ads come on, do what I do: Grab the remote and hit the “MUTE” button.

It’s the single most effective weapon we’ve got in the battle against baloney drug ads and mass hypochondria.

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