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Wacky study claims your immune system works because of belief

Here’s one from the Department of No Kidding: A new study finds a strong immune system will cut your risk of getting the cold.

Sometimes, I just can’t believe what researchers get paid to study. In this case, it was immune system strength and the common cold.

It was just about the laziest study you can think of, too, because no one was actually tested for immune system function and there were no tests to see who had the right levels of key nutrients.

No one was even asked what they were eating or what vitamins they were taking.

This wasn’t a medical study — obviously — but a psychological one, and all the shrinks behind it did was ask people to rate their own immune systems as “excellent, “very good,” “good,” “fair” or “poor.”

As it turns out, people who think they have an excellent immune system really do have an excellent immune system. Everyone else developed colds at double the rate of the “excellent” folks.

So what does this prove? Not a whole heck of a lot if you ask me. Because if you’re in crummy shape, you usually know it — and if you’re at the top of your game, you usually know that, too.

But that’s not what these shrinks think.

Nope, they actually wrote in the (aptly named) journal Psychosomatic Health that this is the power of belief at work. If you BELIEVE you have an excellent immune system, you can will yourself into beating the cold when you start to feel those first symptoms so the illness never really takes hold.

But if you don’t BELIEVE, then those symptoms will snowball and next thing you know you’re stocking up on tissues and chicken soup.

And that’s just the daffiest thing I’ve ever heard.

You can believe all you want, but if your immune system isn’t firing on all cylinders, you WILL get sick.

The real reason for the difference isn’t belief. It’s because if you can confidently say you have an “excellent” immune system, there’s a reason for it: You know you eat right, and you know you’re taking immune-boosting vitamins including the basics like C and D.

That, my friend, is how you can beat the cold or anything else winter throws your way… no belief necessary.

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