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Big Pharma considers bribing you with cash prizes to take statins

You know Big Pharma’s philosophy: When all else fails, pay ’em off!

For years they’ve been buying off doctors and researchers the way the rest of us buy shoes. GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have paid a combined $7.5 BILLION in fines over the past three years in large part due to their illegal kickback schemes.

But Big Pharma isn’t done yet. Now, they want to bribe someone else.

They want to bribe YOU!

You could get more than $1,000 a year under a new scheme being pushed by researchers — but don’t be tempted by that big-money reward.

It comes with a much bigger price tag: your health.

See, in order to earn that money, you’ve got to take a statin every single day.

In a new study testing out this kickback scheme, cash prizes got more people to take their meds. But amazingly, even with a cool grand on the line, more than 60 percent of the patients STILL wouldn’t take their meds.

That alone should tell you how bad statins are!

Maybe some of them thought it sounded like a good idea at the time. Who wouldn’t want an extra grand to play with?

But once they started on the meds, many of them no doubt started to battle the infamous statin side effects: crippling muscle pain… the fog of cognitive problems such as memory loss… and even sexual dysfunction.

Think that’s bad? That’s nothing! The drugs can also cause damage you CAN’T feel right away — damage that even the FDA admits could ultimately increase your risk of diabetes.

No amount of money in the world is worth facing all those risks, especially when there’s no solid evidence the drugs save lives.

So if you REALLY want to save money and protect your health at the same time, forget the statins (and if you’re on them and suffering from memory loss, maybe you already have).

You don’t need them anyway because the real problem isn’t cholesterol. It’s when cholesterol sticks to your arteries — and the reason it sticks is inflammation.

Instead of gobbling drugs to cut cholesterol, work on a natural approach to fight inflammation — and you can start with a daily regimen of B vitamins, fish oil and curcumin supplements.

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