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Ease your knees with this powerful cartilage saver

It’s your constant companion, always at your side in your golden years — and you never go a step without each other.

No… it’s not your spouse.

It’s your knee pain!

Once osteoarthritis kicks in, there’s never a day when you don’t know it’s there. It’s one of the leading reasons seniors end up gobbling risky painkillers.

Well, my friend, it’s time to take those drugs and toss ’em, because new research spots a safe and natural option that works as well as one of the most powerful over-the-counter painkillers, but without the risks.

That natural remedy is chondroitin, and the new study finds it can match celecoxib — aka Celebrex — when it comes to pain relief.

Either one will cut your pain levels roughly in half. But Celebrex can’t touch chondroitin when it comes to anything else that counts.

Along with beating back that awful arthritis pain in the knees, chondroitin can slow the progression of the disease to a crawl by slowing the loss of cartilage.

That’s your knee’s built-in cushion. The more you lose, the more pain you feel — and the more pain you feel, the harder it is to get out and enjoy yourself.

Celebrex can’t save your cushion… but chondroitin sure can.

The study claimed both groups had few adverse events, and maybe that’s true.

Over the long haul, however, celecoxib can lead to the ultimate nightmare, increasing your risk of heart attack and even increasing your risk of death from stroke.

Of course, the researchers won’t urge arthritis patients to take chondroitin. No, they claim that they used a special “pharmaceutical-grade” variety.

In other words, if you’re going to use chondroitin, make sure it comes from a drug company.

Don’t fall for it.

Chondroitin is one of the most tested natural remedies out there, and it’s proven repeatedly to help ease knee pain, restore function and slow the damage caused by arthritis.

You don’t need some magical drug-company supplement — just a quality blend from a maker you trust. For maximum results, use one that’s been paired with glucosamine.

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