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Leading cereal producer sued for questionable protein claims

Let’s face it: Cereal has always been mainly a crutch for hurried moms to pump some food into their kids before shipping them off to school.

Sure, it makes mornings easier. But with all that sugar it’s also practically child abuse!

But these days, it’s not just little sugar junkies stuffing their faces with cereal. It’s now the default breakfast option for lazy adults — and even seniors are getting in on the act.

They may not be scarfing down Froot Loops (at least I hope they’re not), but they sure are eating Cheerios. General Mills is even cranking out big-money ad campaigns aimed at older folks that make wild claims about how Cheerios can protect your heart.

Give me a break! Sure Cheerios may be a bit better than McDonald’s for breakfast, but it isn’t exactly going to win any awards for being a health food.

Now, there’s a new Cheerios on the block — and this one is aimed at both kids and seniors, because it’s supposed to be packed with extra protein.

Kids need protein to grow muscle… and seniors need it to keep the muscle they have.

But if plain Cheerios isn’t winning any awards, this new stuff belongs on the worst dressed list. In fact, one organization claims the new Cheerios protein claims are so out of line that they’ve filed a class-action lawsuit against General Mills over it.

You see, despite its name, Cheerios Protein only contains a smidge more protein than plain Cheerios. And a look at the fine print reveals that their protein claims INCLUDE the milk you pour on top.

Wait, it gets worse. They also played funny with the serving sizes to make it SEEM like the new cereal has more. The same amount of regular Cheerios would bring you within shouting distance of the new “high protein” version.

But while it doesn’t pack hardly any extra protein… it DOES contain heaps of extra sugar.

While plain Cheerios has 1 gram of sugar per serving, Cheerios Protein contains a baffling 17 grams of the sweet stuff — or more than 4 teaspoons in a single serving.

Those Froot Loops I mentioned earlier? They have 12 grams of sugar per serving… making “healthy” Cheerios Protein WORSE than Froot Loops!

Forget the cereal… but keep the milk. The proteins in fresh milk (the real deal, not that soy “milk” swill) trigger a process that allows your muscles to use the nutrients in milk to grow and recover. (Read more about that right here.)

Throw in a couple of eggs, and you’ve got a muscle-boosting breakfast that’s not only packed in essential protein but tastes great, too.

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