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Obamacare rates are rapidly rising and YOU’RE paying the price

You know the old saying about socialism: Eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

Well, my friend, it didn’t take long to happen to Obamacare. It’s running out of other people’s money fast… and by “other people,” of course, I mean YOU.

This socialist scheme is bleeding cash, and to make up for these massive shortfalls they’re desperately trying to suck even more money out of your wallet and cut your access to doctors at the same time.

The reenrollment period for Obamacare just kicked in earlier this month, and folks around the country are picking themselves up off the floor after suffering from an extreme case of sticker shock.

Overall, rates jumped by an average of 7.5 percent — or TRIPLE the rate of inflation in the healthcare industry… and that’s if you’re lucky.

In Tennessee, the state’s largest insurer raised rates by 36 percent. BlueCross BlueShield said they had to raise rates because they’ve been losing money. They said they had no idea the newly insured — i.e., people given “free” Obamacare — would use their insurance so much.

So they’re raising rates on YOU to pay for the THEM.

It’s the same story around the country. BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota raised rates by nearly 50 percent, saying even with the increase they expect to lose money.

In Iowa, the leading insurer raised rates by 29 percent. In Hawaii, rates of two of the top insurers jumped by 34 percent and 27 percent. And in Florida, one plan is increasing by 9.5 percent.

That’s on top of other ways they’re bleeding you dry, from rising copays to deductibles jumping by an average of 67 percent.

Some plans now have deductibles of $5,000 or more — money you have to pay out of your pocket, in addition to your sky-high premiums and copays, before the insurance kicks in.

You’d be better off with no insurance at all, and maybe that’s an option for you, if you know where to look.

A growing number of doctors haven taken themselves out of the system completely to practice what’s known as “concierge medicine” or “direct pay” in which you get unlimited access to a doctor for fees ranging from $30 a month to $200 a month.

It’s not right for everyone, and you would have to pay a penalty for opting out of Obamacare — but in many cases, it’s still much cheaper.

Google can help you find a concierge practice near you, and you can do some math or talk to your accountant to see if it makes sense for your family.

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