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The natural cancer-fighter your doc REFUSES to talk about

It’s been dismissed by the mainstream as quackery — and doctors who offer it have been accused of fraud (and a whole lot worse).

But the fact is intravenous vitamin C is often the best and in some cases ONLY hope for desperate cancer patients.

Yet too many never receive this life-changing — and life-saving — therapy because their oncologists swear up, down, left and right that it doesn’t work.

Forget “doesn’t work.” Those chemo-pushing hacks should be OUT OF WORK — because the latest research shows that intravenous C can fight off an aggressive form of colon cancer where there are few real mainstream options.

While most forms of colon cancer are treatable and beatable, there are two mutations that can turn the disease into a cold-blooded killer.

Some 40 percent of colon cancers have either the KRAS or BRAF mutations, and most drugs and other treatments will do little against them. The best you can hope for is that you caught it early enough to remove the tumor completely (which is why a colonoscopy is so important).

But the new study on mice finds vitamin C can specifically target those cancer cells and SHUT THEM DOWN!

When high levels of C accumulate in the blood, some of it oxidizes and transforms into a compound called dehydroascorbic acid (DHA), which then attaches itself to a molecule that hauls sugar through your blood like truckloads of candy rolling down the highway.

It’s a classic Trojan Horse. Since tumors love sugar more than a six-year-old in a candy store, they suck up those molecules – and that’s when the DHA pounces, jumping out and attacking from the inside.

The result? Cancer cells die of oxidative stress, while healthy cells are left alone. And while the new study focused on mice, we’ve got years of research to back vitamin C in human cases for any number of cancers.

There is a catch: You can’t simply pop vitamin C supplements and expect results. High levels of oral C will cause diarrhea and pass right through you. Intravenous C, on the other hand, puts it directly into the bloodstream and aims it at the tumor.

The researchers behind the new study plan human trials next, but you can get this potentially life-saving therapy right now from a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in cancer care.

I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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