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Climate change kooks are cooking the books

Earlier this month, climate scientists were forced to admit Antarctica isn’t melting after all when satellite images revealed that the continent is actually GAINING ice.

So much for climate change!

But if you think that official NASA report will shut their alarmist little traps, well, you don’t know the Klimate Kooks very well.

They’ll say just about ANYTHING to push that agenda, no matter how absurd it is — including a new study that claims climate change is destroying your fertility.

No, I didn’t just make that up.

This study claims the world is getting so hot that people can’t make babies anymore — and that here in the United States, each “really hot” day leads to 0.4 percent fewer births nine months later

That’s supposed to add up to 1,165 fewer babies — and they claim that as we have more of these “really hot” days, we could have 100,000 fewer babies per year.

Must be getting really hot, right?


The climate may not be cooking, but they sure make up for it by cooking the numbers — because this study didn’t look at “really hot” days at all.

It looked at any day where the temperature hit 80!

If 80-degree heat could hurt fertility, they sure haven’t gotten the message in Hawaii and Texas. They’re two of the hottest states (numbers 2 and 4 by average temperature) and they’re ranked 7th and 8th in fertility.

And they sure haven’t gotten the message in Africa, where the temperatures soar all year long and they somehow keep bringing babies into this world.

Yes, like any other “climate change” study, this one melts the moment you dig into the details.

So let me tell you what’s REALLY going on here, because this study doesn’t have anything to do with the climate cycle.

It’s about the election cycle — and you can expect more bogus trumped-up studies designed to panic people in voting for left-wing candidates in 2016.

Don’t fall for it. As always, keep your BS meter charged and ready to go. You’re going to need it.

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